How to Unlock Face on OnePlus 5 Immediately

A few weeks ago, OnePlus announced that it will release the popular and coveted Face Unlock feature that was released alongside the OnePlus 5T for OnePlus 5 series devices. As promised, now even OnePlus 5 owners will be able to use Face Unlock to unlock their devices. Currently, OnePlus has launched this feature in beta. OxygenOS Open Beta 3The company launched on December 31, 2017. OxygenOS Open Beta 3 for OnePlus 5 has enabled Face Unlock as well as improving performance and stability and bringing the December security patch.

When we reviewed the OnePlus 5T, we found that Face Unlock is a extremely fast and convenient feature and does not require any extra sensors like this feature. iPhone’s FaceID, we’d love to see this become a native feature of Android. While this is a wish, at least OnePlus 5 users can enjoy this feature right now. So, if you own a OnePlus 5 and want to use Face Unlock, here’s how to do it:

Get Face Unlock on OnePlus 5

Since the feature was launched with OxygenOS Open Beta 3, this update will not be like any stable over-the-air updates you get. You will need to flash the beta, so if you’re not ready for that, I would recommend waiting for the update to be released along with the stable builds.

Note: Flashing can result in data loss and hardware damage if not done properly. Please try this at your own risk and remember to back up all your data. We tried this method with two OnePlus 5 devices in our office and the method worked perfectly on both.

  1. Firstly, Download OnePlus 5 OxygenOS Open Beta 3 file by clicking the link.
  2. Once downloaded, restart your phone in recovery mode. To do this, first turn off your device and then turn it back on while simultaneously holding down the power and volume down buttons.

3. Select your language in recovery mode, and then Tap “Install from internal storage/Install from local”. Here, navigate to the downloaded file and tap the “Install” button to confirm.

oneplus 5 face unlock step 3

Now, wait for the phone to complete the installation. The installation can take between 15-30 minutes to complete. After the installation process is complete, follow the steps below:

4. Open the Settings app, and then Tap on “Security & lock screen”. Here, scroll down to find the Face unlock option and tap on it.

oneplus 5 face unlock step 4 edited5. Here, Tap “Add face data” and then follow the onscreen instructions To set up the face unlock feature

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oneplus 5 face unlock step 5 edited

Congratulations, Face Unlock now works on your OnePlus 5. To use the feature lift the mobile to your face and press the power button. The front camera will recognize your face and let you in instantly.

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Use Face Unlock on OnePlus 5

Personally, I love the new Face Unlock feature on the OnePlus 5. It may not use all the great sensors used by the iPhone X and it may not be as secure, but it is fast and convenient. Also, I tried to trick Face Unlock with photos but the phone would not unlock. So now I am happy with its performance. If you decide to try this feature, share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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