How to Turn On Private Browsing Mode on iPhone?

Safari for iPhone supports Private Browsing, a method of keeping browsing history and online accounts private.

Private browsing is a way of surfing the web that leaves no trace of where you go or what you search for.

This can be great for letting a friend borrow your iPhone, or if you’re shopping for a gift and have curious family members. Private browsing is also nice for online banking as it leaves no traces and your password is not stored on the phone.

Scroll down and


Private Browsing ON

Decide whether pages opened in Safari should remain open or closed.

Close or Hold

Tap to keep pages open and close.

Once this is done open Safari.

Private Browsing Mode

If the browser window looks like the above, it indicates Private Browsing Mode is turned on.

When you’re done, be sure to turn off Private Browsing Mode and close all open pages to complete a browsing session without leaving any information behind.

Besides private browsing for banking or other purchases, it’s also a good idea to have a passcode to lock your iPhone. Using passwords makes it harder for people to stay away from your personal information stored on the device.

Another great security measure is to enable Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone is a service provided by Apple that allows the user to track their phone if it is lost or stolen. Even better, the service is free, so it’s definitely worth using.

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