How to Take a Screenshot or PRNTSCR on Surface Tablets

One of the frequently asked questions from Microsoft Surface Tablet users is how to take a screenshot using a Surface with Tip or Touch Cover. Neither of these two keyboards includes a PRNTSCR key; this is what many are accustomed to using to take a picture of something on their screen. Although the key is not there, Microsoft has added a method for you to capture the screen.

Press and hold the Windows button at the bottom of your Surface screen to take a photo of your screen. It’s not the Windows key on your keyboard. While holding down the Windows button, press the volume down part of the volume rocker on the left edge of the Surface Tablet.

This combination will take a screenshot of what’s on your screen. You should see the screen dim a bit when this occurs.

Maybe it’s just me but this takes some practice to get right. But once you get used to it, you can take plenty of screenshots.

Screenshots taken this way can be viewed in the Screenshots album in the Photos App, as well as in My Pictures.

Microsoft once claimed that the FN + Spacebar key combination would take a screenshot, but apparently that, if it is, no longer works. The FN + Spacebar + Alt combination also does not work to take a screenshot of the currently focused Application.

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