NRG announces Launcher Main as the second member of the Valorant roster for VCT 2022

NRG Valorant loots other teams to complete their roster, and it looks like they finally got one of their own on the table. Crashies join NRG from OpTic Gaming VCT 2023, and this time he will serve as the Main Initiator on the roster. With FNS already engaged, this will hurt the opposition with their double combination games.

NRG is on track to secretly build a strong roster by signing up accidents once again on the main roster. The deadline for partner teams to register their roster has been extended and teams are taking full advantage of it. The Valorant Challengers Tournament is scheduled to start in February next year, and the teams are gearing up to beat each other once again.

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Crashies is best known for playing the starter main, collecting. sovaand causes damage to the opposing team composition. Despite being known to be flexible, there are very few Sova players like him apart from AverageJonas. It can take a Fade and KAY/O and deal equal damage to enemies, making it one of the toughest starters to come across in tournaments in general. It will be interesting to find out what kind of combination games you can choose with IGL FNS during the tournament.

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Former Kru sports pro retires from competitive Valorant to Engineering

Kru Esports

Valorant KRU Sports professional, delz1k He decided to withdraw from the competitive Valorant arena and retire to pursue engineering. This news came before VCT 2023 and gave the team ample time to look for a replacement until the tournament kicks off in February 2023. Delz1k’s retirement has made waves in the Valorant community ever since he made the decision to retire at just 22 years old. It’s relatively early in the Valorant arena.

It was now up to Kru to find a suitable replacement for Delz1k that fans didn’t want to leave the roster. Delz1k held a special place among the Kru fanbase, especially after gaining a spot for the team at this year’s VCT 2023. This year, however, Kru will need to find a different reliable man for these situations.

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While nothing has yet been confirmed by neither the franchise nor the actor, this news comes from the extremely reliable Lembo, who is also a professional friend. Delz1k was an integral part of the team that went up against the likes of FPX during OpTic Gaming and VCT Istanbul at Masters Copenhagen 2022. It will be interesting to find out who replaces Delz1g in the roster and whether the change falls directly into the controller category.

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