How to Set Up Find My iPhone?

We’ve all heard horror stories of a friend who lost or even had his phone stolen.

Banking information, emails and other sensitive data stored on our mobile devices is more worrisome than most people realize.

Fortunately, Apple has developed a service called Find My iPhone to help you out in case this happens to you.

Before you lose iPhone, you must set up Find My iPhone. Here’s how to set up Find My iPhone in a few easy steps.


Scroll down and


Once there, swipe to the bottom of your screen and then

find my phone

After doing that, Find My iPhone will be enabled for your phone.

Here’s how to find your iPhone in case your phone is lost here.

Go to and you will be shown with this screen.

iCloud Login

Enter your Apple ID and Password and you will be shown these options. To choose

iPhone Find My Web

You will need to re-enter your password, and then iCloud will find your iPhone. Once you have your iPhone, you have these options.

iPhone Options

You can play a sound to find your phone, send a message to be displayed on the lock screen, remotely lock the device if it’s not password protected, and finally wipe it remotely if you can’t find your phone and need to get rid of it. personal information about it.

What other steps do you take to make sure you always know where your iPhone is?

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