How to Set Apps to Open on Desktop in Windows 8.1

Here’s how to set apps to open on the Desktop in Windows 8.1 and how to use the interface that best suits your needs.

Most people see the Start Screen and Desktop areas of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system as completely separate operating systems, even if they really aren’t. To be clear, both are very different and contain features that the other does not. The Start Screen and apps integrate with new universal Search, Share and Settings Buttons. These apps can be used with a mouse and keyboard, but are considered by many to be inappropriate when using a mouse and keyboard. Desktop apps, on the other hand, are less secure and often do not integrate well with each other. They also have smaller interfaces that mouse and keyboard users will find more useful.

Windows 8 by default and Windows 8.1 update available for free to users, open apps in any app rated to handle that file. For example, music and video files will open in the Start Screen’s Music and Video apps.

go to start screen by pressing the Windows key on your laptop or desktop keyboard. Tablet and convertible users can press the Windows button at the bottom of their device’s screen.

Move the mouse pointer to the upper-right corner of the device screen to open the Charms Bar and click Search. Tablet users should place their fingers on the right edge of the screen and drag their finger a little further to the left, then tap Search.

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Type in the search bar Default apps.

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Now choose the default program for each of the listed tasks. Tapping or clicking each option will open a list of other options to choose from. For an app to be set as default, it must first be installed on your device. For example, Chrome can be set as the default web browser only after installing it from Google’s website.

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Our testing did not show default app settings syncing so users with multiple Windows 8.1 devices will have to make any changes to each device they have.

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Users without Windows 8.1 should not worry. Microsoft offers the update to users for free through the Windows Store. Go there to download the update and start with this how-to once the installation is complete.