How to Restrict App Clips in iOS 14 on iPhone

It seems pretty inappropriate to download an entire app just to use a certain feature. This is why App Clips is so appreciated as it allows iPhone owners to use a particular feature of an app without having to install it. This new feature not only changed the way we look at apps, but also offered a smarter way to manage storage. Having said that, not everyone is a fan of this feature. If you too find this feature annoying, here is how you can restrict and disable App Clips in iOS 14 on iPhone.

How to Disallow App Clips on iPhone

Apple has added a new hidden setting within Screen Time to allow users to allow/disable App Clips in iOS 14. This means that every time you want to disable this feature, you will have to dive deep into the Content and Privacy Restrictions section found. In Screen Time.

Although the process may seem like a tedious task, it provides the necessary control. So, as long as you don’t mind taking a few extra steps, you will like this virtual lock designed to block access to App Clips.

  1. start Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Now, tap on Screen TIME.

Tap on Screen Time

3. Next, tap on it. Content and Privacy Restrictions.

Tap on content and privacy restrictions

4. Next, tap on Content Restrictions.

Tap Content Restrictions

5. Next, tap . Application Clips.

practice clips

6. Finally, select Not allow and then exit the Settings app.

Don't Allow App Clips

That is all! No one will be able to use App Clips on your device from now on. Of course, if you change your mind and want to allow this again, go back to the Content Restrictions section and finally select Allow.

Stop Anyone Using App Clips in iOS 14

So, this is how you can restrict App Clips in iOS 14 on your iPhone. While I like to find a slightly easier way to manage its access, I’m not afraid to take a few extra steps as long as it gives better control.

What would you like to say about App Clips? Share your feedback with us. If you want to catch up on equally interesting iOS 14 features, check out our latest posts on topics like using music recognition to identify songs in iOS 14.2, the best third-party home screen widgets, and the quick way to create a custom home screen. widgets.

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