How to Remove Recent Contacts from iOS 8 App Switcher

iOS 8 comes with many great new features, but it also comes with its fair share of annoying new features. Most importantly, the app switcher now includes a section where your most recent contacts appear at the top, but you can easily remove this section.

Recent Contacts in the app switcher allows you to quickly reach your most frequently contacted friends or family members. Just tap the person you want to contact and from there various options will pop up like calling them, texting them or sending a FaceTime request.

Some users may find this section in the app switcher helpful and allows them to quickly contact the friends and family they contact most often, but most users already have their own shortcuts installed on their iPhone, whether they are using the Favorite section on the iPhone or not. Using the phone app or Launch Center Pro to quickly call a favorite contact.

This makes the recent contacts section in the app switcher unnecessary most of the time. Also, we think the app switcher should remain just the app switcher, as any other additions to it puts it in a bit of a dead end.

If you don’t like the recent contacts section being added to the app switcher, here’s how to disable it entirely.

I’m so lonely

Whether you have a bunch of friends or not, the recent contacts section in the app switcher is often annoying, mostly because there are numerous other ways to quickly access your contacts. If you want to disable this section and remove it from the app switcher on your iOS 8 device, follow the simple steps below.

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It’s pretty simple and doesn’t take much effort to disable, and when it’s done, you’ll be back to a clean and simple app switcher in iOS 8 just like it was in iOS 7.

Alternatively, you can have your favorite contacts displayed in the app switcher instead of just your recent contacts. This is probably more preferable for many users because making a one-time phone call to your insurance company or something else will make them show up in the recent contacts section in the app switcher.

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However, just displaying your favorite contacts there makes this empty space more useful, allowing you to quickly catch up with a friend or family member.

In any case, I prefer to use Launch Center Pro for quick shortcuts to my favorite contacts. The app lets you create shortcuts to anything on your iPhone and gives you quicker access to the app and settings.

If you have a small group of people you call or text often, you can set actions in Launch Center Pro that allow you to instantly call or text a friend or family member without having to open the Phone app or Messages app.

Of course, this is just a small sample of what you can do and it doesn’t even scratch the service. There is so much more you can do with Launch Center Pro and I I recommend to buy.