“Brett Favre should be in jail.” Terrell Owens’ roast blows up Twitter over Brett Favre’s alleged involvement in welfare fraud

Brett Favre and his reputation has certainly seen better days, but a multimillion-dollar welfare fraud in one of the poorest states in the country, even if it were a person, would certainly damage his reputation and legacy. Professional Football Hall of Famer. Some things are universal, and depriving the needy is one of them. Favre is getting backlash from all strata of society, including his Pro Football Hall of Famers fellow last week. Shannon Sharpe now he Terrel Owens.

The man known as TO is not afraid of anyone and has been known to say what he feels without hesitation, and he lived up to his reputation when he posted a hilarious tweet referencing Favre’s alleged involvement in welfare fraud. There are reports that Favre is one of the key figures involved in and benefiting from the multi-million dollar benefits scam involving Mississippi’s former family. Governor Phil Bryant and others. The allegation is that Favre and others tried to use the funds to build a volleyball stadium at Favre’s graduate school. University of Southern Mississippi. Owen’s tweet went viral on Twitter.

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“Thank you TO for bringing this up.” Reactions to TO’s Brett Favre fries

Terrell Owens Brett Favre -IMAGO/ ZUMA WIRE IMAGO/Icon Sportswire
Terrell Owens Brett Favre -IMAGO/ ZUMA WIRE IMAGO/Icon Sportswire

Brett Favre especially Green Bay wrappers, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons. Favre was found to have received some of the funds embezzled by government auditors. Owens decided to give the Gunslinger a shot and Twitter loved it-

For a man who has been vaguely excluded from the Hall of Fame for years because of his character issues, he might be more justified than criticizing Favre, who was voted in the first ballot despite his own issues.

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