How to Redownload Apps on iPhone

If you bought a new iPhone or restored your current iPhone to factory settings, here’s how to redownload apps on iPhone.

Even if you haven’t restored or bought a new iPhone, there may be a moment when you want to re-download an app you once had if you deleted it once. Fortunately, redownloading apps is really easy.

The App Store remembers which apps you’ve downloaded, including both free and paid apps, and puts all those apps in a dedicated area in the App Store you can go to. This is really useful if you want to redownload an app whose name you forgot, because you can browse the list and find it easily without having to search.

Of course, if you bought a new iPhone, you can restore a backup to get back the apps you want, but if you haven’t backed up your iPhone beforehand, you’ll have to redownload them all. or at least what you want back.

Here’s how to redownload apps on iPhone.

How to Redownload Apps on iPhone

If you have an app that you downloaded a while ago but later deleted, you can easily get it back. Even if it’s a paid app, you won’t have to pay again to redownload it.

Just open the app on your iPhone and tap the tab at the bottom.


Then tap on it at the top.


This will give you a list of all the iPhone apps you have installed on your iPhone, including both free and paid apps. You can filter the list to include all apps (even those currently on your iPhone) or choose to only see apps that are not currently installed on your iPhone.


This list will also show apps you may have installed on other iOS devices, so if you downloaded a game to your iPad, this list will show if the app works on iPhone as well. Also, keep in mind that only apps you download while signed into your Apple ID account will appear in this list.

Once you find the app you want to redownload, simply tap the cloud icon with the arrow pointing down to start downloading the app to your iPhone.

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That’s it for re-downloading apps. It’s an effortless process that doesn’t require much effort if you lose all your apps while restoring your iPhone – no need to search for individual apps and re-purchase paid apps.

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