How to Play Google Recorder Clips on the Web

Google recently added backup and sync features to the Recorder app. With the addition of this feature, you can back up your records to your Google account. The software giant has also added a web interface to help you easily access your recorded clip on the web. In this article, we will discuss the steps to set up automatic backup in the Google recorder app and how you can access your recordings using your web browser.

Play Google Recorder Clips on the Web

Google Recorder got the backup feature with the latest version 2.2 update. Therefore, you must be on this version or newer to use this feature. You can get the latest update From Google Play Store. Moreover, it goes without saying that this feature is limited to Pixel phones. You can install an older version of the Recorder app on your phone, but you cannot use it to back up your recordings. Other than that, let’s start with the steps.

1. Open Google Recorder and tap your avatar in the upper right corner. From the popup that now appears, Select ‘Recorder settings’.

2nd. Find the ‘Backup and sync’ option Under the General section of the recorder settings, tap on and . Enable migration from the backup and sync page. Your recordings will now be uploaded to your account.

enable backup and sync google recorder

3. Now that you have uploaded your recordings, here is how to access them. all you have to do Open the official website of Google Recorder. You can then access your recordings instantly. The best part is that you can view the transcript alongside the recording. Although there is no export option on the web (you can export the transcripts from your phone), text can be selected and you can manually copy the transcript if needed. The logger’s web client looks like this:

google recorder web

Access Google Recorder Clips From Your Web Browser

This was our short guide to help you access Google Recorder clips from the web. This is a great improvement in quality of life if you’re a Pixel user, as you no longer have to pick up your phone to access an old recording. If you are looking for the best call recorder apps, check out our list in the linked article.

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