How to Multitask on HTC One

HTC One multitasking isn’t as prominent as some Android devices, but you can access all your apps with a quick double tap.

By most accounts, the HTC One is a great device, using HTC’s recently revamped Sense 5 user interface, blending the best materials with some of the latest software improvements. While its UI and hardware let you do things like easily check your latest social media updates and news headlines, HTC has taken a step back when it comes to usability. This would be the absence of a true multitasking button or Home button like on the LG Nexus 4. The Home button is used as the multitasking button on the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy S4 is on the far right side of the device. Whatever the reason, some users find multitasking on HTC One a hassle.

On other Android devices with physical or software buttons, users can tap the Menu key to view all running apps. This is especially useful as apps can consume battery life and sometimes slow down the apps you want to run.

Here’s how to multitask on HTC One to manage the amount of apps your device has open at the same time.

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From the home screen or any application, Tap the Home button two times. It is located on the right side of the device, just below the screen. You will have to tap the buttons in quick succession to activate the feature. In our experience, the two taps will need to happen within two seconds of each other.

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You can now see thumbnail representations of the last nine apps running on your HTC one. Simply Tap any app to instantly reopen

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Hold your finger on an app and drag it to the top of the screen to close an app. This helps save battery life and allows your device to open and run apps at maximum speed.

After the Android 4.2 update, which spread to Android devices over time, users will be able to customize how they trigger multitasking using the settings menu on their devices. This customization will include the option to choose between double tapping the Menu key and holding down the Home key.

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Currently, no HTC One devices with Android 4.2 are shipped in the United States.