How to Make Conference Calls on Android, The Easy Way

At some point, you may need to make 2 phone calls on your Android smartphone. While there is usually a built-in way to do this, it can vary from phone to phone.

Rather than figuring out all possible combinations for making a conference call on your Droid, ThunderBolt, or Android smartphone, I’ve gathered together a few apps that will help you make conference calls with ease – without searching for a random flash or merging option, it can be hidden in the background with a few taps.

Conference Call and 3-Way Call Android Apps

Easily make conference calls

moshi It’s a great app that makes it easy to call a group, even if you have to call users via Skype and GTalk. Gather all your contacts no matter the service and create the group you want to call. Moshi will then search for all contacts and include them in the call. No numbers to call, no need for other users to install Moshi, and no need for other callers’ smartphones.

Talk2Group Another great option for making a conference call or 3-way call from your Android. In three steps, you’ll be online with your group and get things done instead of trying to figure out why you can’t merge calls.

Talk2Group lets you schedule future or current calls and asks other participants to call you from any phone they want. You can return to the search history to quickly search for your favorite groups.

How to use the built-in Conference Call Controls

These apps require a little more planning than the instant 3-way calling built into most Android smartphones, but they’re much easier to use when scheduling a call.

To learn how to make a conference call on your own device during a call, you should Google your specific device, check your user manual, or call your cell phone company and ask them to tell you how. Unfortunately, you’ll have to relearn this as soon as you get a new phone.

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