Google invested in Snapchat: for better Android compatibility?

It is undeniable that one of the indispensable uses of our mobile phones is the applications that enable them to socialize with those around them. Although they have become very powerful devices, it must be said that above all they remain phones, at least in spirit.

For this reason, social networks and many instant chat applications continue to be indispensable in our daily use. Snapchat is one of the best exponents of this, surprising all its competitors to the point of forcing them to develop their own solutions equal to the service.

Google tried to buy them a few years ago and was unsuccessful, and now it was going to switch to another tactic: buying shares in the company! In any case, this is revealed by its parent company Alphabet, which has invested in Snap Inc’s capital. CapitalG mutual fund as evidenced on the website.


When we learn that Snapchat will soon go public, the question arises: Would Google have had the idea? buy shares in bulkenough to influence the future of the group? This decision will not be surprising.

In fact, despite being one of the most popular, Snapchat isn’t really optimized for Android. It’s the developers’ fault for ignoring the system’s possibilities to promote easy and inexpensive development solutions.

Google’s involvement in this way could enable it to reverse this trend and force developer to look at android vault. We will see the effect of this participation in the coming months, but there is no smoke without fire.

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