How to know if your mobile is rooted [Tutoriel]

To do this, we will quickly see what rooting consists of, then we will learn some simple methods to quickly find out if your device is rooted, and if not yet, we will finish to see how rooting is possible.

what is root?

Rooting is an abuse of language, which is considered a manipulation to be performed to gain full rights on the Android device. In fact, “root” is the name usually given to the superuser account in GNU/Linux distributions.

This is the system administrator, so all rights on the devicewhether the operating system has full access to files and partitions, as well as in writing, for example, for the replacement of sensitive files.


Normally, the smartphones and tablets you buy for simple security are not rooted, because who knows what the average user might come to change in their system with full privileges. Also, when using Linux on a computer, it is strongly discouraged to authenticate and use the system under the root account, instead invoking its rights only when we need it.

Moreover, it is this management of security that ensures that GNU/Linux systems are trusted, and you will eventually understand why it is used on so many other systems today (even Android is one of them). Concretely, it allows Google OS to install custom ROMs (e.g. CyanogenMod), change the font, use certain apps that need to touch sensitive system files, etc. allows.


Root will be important to some others know how to do without it, but that is solely up to your personal use. Anyway, now that you know more, let’s see how to check if your device is rooted.

Check if your device is rooted

There is nothing simpler to find out if your mobile phone (or tablet at the same time) is rooted. I told you before that some apps need root to run.

There is no shortage of examples, but I chose the “Root Checker” application instead. You can download it directly from Play Store. This will allow you to verify if your device is rooted:

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Launch the application and accept the Disclaimer. Then press the button “Verify Root Access” :

root checker

If your device is rooted, the message “This device has root access!” should be displayed in green, otherwise you will get a message telling you otherwise:

root check

That’s it, nothing else to do. If your device is rooted, you can enjoy customization, installing custom ROMs and even privileged access to your smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, I invite you to apply for the next part of this tutorial.

What methods to root your smartphone or tablet?

Is your mobile phone or tablet not rooted? We will fix this. Here are some ideas and methods to find the program you need or the ideal solution to root Android. In fact, there may be different ways for each smartphone that do not require knowledge of ADB or even Fastboot, and it would be impossible to list them all here:

root ornot
  • Use Framaroot to root your device in a few clicks
  • If you have a Nexus device, feel free to use Nexus Root Toolkit
  • Check out our tutorials to find some guides written only for specific devices (Galaxy S7, HTC 10, …)
  • Go to our forum and select the section corresponding to your Android device

As a last resort, if you have a specific device at hand, we will not fail to assist you if you request it in the comments of this tutorial.


Here’s a new tutorial that will no longer let everyone else pass because someone is ignoring the term “root”, but will also let them know if their device has these rights. “superuser”being aware of the techniques available to root your device.


If you have any questions after reading the tutorial, I invite you to share them with us so that you can see them all together.

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