How to Watch Super Bowl 51 Online

You can watch Super Bowl 51 online without a cable subscription, thanks to Fox’s excellent 2017 Super Bowl streaming options that are free for everyone.

Whatever your cable or satellite subscription status, there are many ways to stream Super Bowl 51 to your TV, tablet, computer, smart device, and even iPhone or Android.

Here’s how you can watch the 2017 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Atalanta Falcons. This solution will also allow you to watch Super Bowl commercials and the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show with Lady Gaga.

Watch Super Bowl 51 live stream for free with no additional purchases or online fees to access. You don’t even need to find an antenna. The NFL also makes watching the Super Bowl incredibly easy as it’s all about the commercials.

How to Watch Super Bowl 51 Online

How to watch Super Bowl 51 online on your TV, Apple TV, Roku, iPad, Android tablet, and iPhone or Android.

The 2017 Super Bowl kicks off at 18:30 East, 15:30 Pacific. The 2017 Super Bowl halftime show will likely start around 8pm East, 5pm Pacific, but that could move either way depending on how the game progresses.

Watch Super Bowl 51 online FoxSportsGo.comWhere you can stream Super Bowl 51 live without any cable subscription or login information. You can do Connect your MacBook to a TV or connect your Windows PC to a TV using an HDMI cable or other adapter to watch on a larger screen.

Watch the 2017 Super Bowl online on your TV using one of the Fox Sports Go Apps to stream directly to your big screen. There is apps for most smart devices Like Apple TV and Roku. Here is a list of apps that can stream Super Bowl 51 to your TV.

You have to search the app store on your device to find the right app and then you can start watching the Super Bowl.

Another option is to watch the 2017 Super Bowl on tablets. Fox Sports Go app for iPad, Android, make fire or Windows Application.

To stream Super Bowl 51 on a smartphone, you must be on Verizon and: Install the NFL App. The Fox Sports Go iPhone app does not stream the Super Bowl to your phone due to licensing agreements with Verizon.

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