How to install LineageOS on your Android smartphone

Android has always had one feature compared to its competitors: the possibility to be modified at will by the emerging developers of the world, who often offer alternative ROMs for download for anyone wishing to install their alternative ROM.

This has created a large community around big projects like Paranoid Android ROM for example. This scene got a big hit as Cyanogen Inc announced the end of CyanogenMOD, one of the world’s best known and most used ROMs.

But free software is such a thing that nothing really dies. From the ashes of Cyanogen came LineageOS and took over most of the project for years to come. If you want to taste this new generation of Cyano, just follow our tutorial.


The process will ask you to flash a system ROM on your phone. As a result, they require the usual prerequisites for this type of operation, namely:

  • A smartphone compatible with Lineage OS 14.1
  • A to get better custom like TWRP or ClockwordMod
  • 1.5GB memory see more on your phone
  • a battery 30% charge (we recommend more for security)

If you do not have a custom recovery, we recommend that you go to our forum, where our community has created a lot of tutorials for it for each device. If you have the slightest doubt, feel free to barter about it!

This action will reset your phone. Don’t forget to make a backup before flashing and don’t forget to sync with Google so you don’t lose your contacts!

Download LineageOS for your smartphone

LineageOS compatibility is currently limited to certain devices. In the future, like CyanogenMOD, the community will adapt it to an ever-increasing number of terminals. So don’t worry: If it’s not available for your phone yet, it might be in the future.

To download the ROM for your phone LineageOS official website.

After downloading, all you have to do is transfer it to your phone’s memory. Feel free to root your phone to help you find it.

Flash LineageOS on your smartphone

You don’t need any more. Time to get set up. To do this, turn off your phone and boot into recovery mode by doing this:

  • hold down Turn the volume down
  • At the same time, keep pressing the button. start button (+ Home button on Samsung)
  • Wait a few seconds and release the start button

You are now in recovery mode. Simply click “Install” in TWRP and navigate to the root directory of the LineageOS file you just downloaded. When prompted, swipe from left to right on “Slide to install” to start installing the ROM.

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Be patient, your phone will reboot into LineageOS! Reboot your phone during recovery, select “Delete” and swipe to start the process to make sure you don’t experience any errors due to files left on your phone.

Your phone is now as clean as a whistle and has LineageOS! All you have to do is enjoy one of the best Android stock ROMs of the moment while you wait for their next update!

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