How to Change Galaxy S8 APN Settings

This guide will go over everything you need to know about changing Galaxy S8 APN settings. Usually required to use a phone with operators other than where it was purchased.

APN stands for “Access Point Name” and is essentially a gateway to carriers. It gives your phone the information needed to communicate with AT&T, T-Mobile, and more. Everything from 4G LTE to sending text or picture messages.

This is usually done automatically when you insert a SIM card, but it doesn’t always work. As a result, owners will have to find and manually configure the APN settings themselves.

How to Change Galaxy S8 APN Settings

The steps to find the right menu in settings may vary slightly depending on which carrier the phone is from. Below is a complete set of instructions with pictures as a guide.

In this menu, owners will see the default APN option on their phone if a SIM card is installed. Tap the button in the top corner to get started. You will see lots of weird stuff like name, proxy, mmsc, port and protocol. It sounds confusing, but you don’t need to know what they mean. All we need is information from any carrier.

Shown above is the APN settings menu. I went ahead and hit “add” and started adding the necessary information for T-Mobile’s APN settings. Enter all required lines of text, skip where it says “not set”, then select the three dots at the top and tap save.

Now your AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S8 can communicate with T-Mobile base stations and work as it should.

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