How to Get Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone?

Stock ringtones on iPhone are by no means terrible, but if you want to add your own creativity, here’s how to add custom ringtones to your iPhone.

You can download custom ringtones from almost anywhere and even extract them from your favorite song yourself, but the biggest hurdle is getting them on your iPhone.

Because the process is not fast and easy. We’re guessing Apple wants to make adding your own ringtones to your iPhone a little more difficult to allow you to buy ringtones from the iTunes store, but if you’re like me, you’d rather save a few. dollars and do it yourself.

In this tutorial, you’ll use iTunes to essentially make a ringtone from a song or other audio file you own. It might be a little confusing, but I’ll do my best to make it a fool of you and put it all in simple terms so you can easily follow along without getting confused.

Without further ado, here’s how to create custom ringtones and use them on your iPhone.

How to Get Custom Ringtones on iPhone?

Again, the process isn’t necessarily quick and easy, but to do it, follow these steps:








It’s a long and confusing process, but it’s worth it in the end, and once you’re done with the process, it only takes a few minutes to create a custom ringtone and place it on your iPhone.

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