How to Get 25 Free Madden 18 Legends

Madden 18 and Madden Ultimate Team fans need to spend 3 minutes to earn 25 Legends in Madden Ultimate Team by linking their accounts to Twitch. That’s right, you can get 25 free Twitch Legends in Madden 18 and upgrade them from 83 to 90 GENE throughout the season.

You need Madden 18 and Twitch Prime for this to work. The great news is that Twitch Prime is free for Amazon Prime members, and there’s a 30-day Twitch Prime free trial you can use to unlock this epic Twitch Loot. If you start your trial and get the loot, you don’t have to pay to continue receiving it.

The first Madden Ultimate Team Legend for Madden 18 is 85 GEN Reggie White, and you also get five collectibles. Each week, Twitch announces the next Madden 18 Legend on Friday Night Madden from 8 PM to 10 PM each week.

How To Get Twitch Prime Madden 18 Legends

How to claim your 25 free Madden 18 Legends from Twitch.

Here’s what you need to do to get these 25 free Madden 18 legends for your Madden Ultimate Team. You need to do this now as you will get a new player every week. If you wait until later, you will miss some players.

  1. Get Twitch Prime (Trial or paid membership or via Amazon Prime)
  2. Your EA and Twitch Accounts this link.
  3. Click Twitch Prime Loot or Jump Here
  4. Learn more and then click Use.

Once this is done you need to navigate to Madden 18 on your Xbox One or PS4. Open the game and go to Ultimate Team. If you don’t see a popup, go to your packs and you should see a Twitch Pack to open. You’ll get Reggie White and five collectibles to get you started.

Add Reggie White and four collectibles to one set to elevate White to a higher level. In subsequent unlocks, you’ll have a Collection Item that you can use as you get more.

Every Saturday you will receive a Madden Ultimate Team Legend. Madden 18 Legends will arrive on Saturdays and it may take some time to roll out to all accounts, so don’t worry if you don’t see them right away.

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