How to Fix PS4 Eject Issues (No Disc Inserted)

Sometimes the PS4 constantly ejects the disc even when there is no disc in the drive. If you try to insert a disc, the PS4 won’t accept it and eventually spit out the disc and keep trying to eject a disc that isn’t there.

We’ll explain how to fix a PS4 ejecting a disc when there is no disc in it, and how to fix this PS4 issue without turning on your PS4 or sending it back to Sony.

We ran into this PS4 issue while rearranging our home theater and flipping the PS4 vertically for a few minutes, trying to clear dust from the device without scratching the surface.

Use this trick to fix a show-stopping PS4 issue.

Unplugged Assassin’s Creed Unity while plugging the PS4 back in and kept trying to eject a disc over and over. Turning off the PS4 didn’t fix the problem, but there is a quick fix for most users.

Fix PS4 Eject Issues No Disc in Drive

If your PS4 keeps trying to eject a disc, here’s how you can try to fix it without sending it to Sony for repair. This is not the same issue as unexpected disk ejections that are a problem for some users, but still very annoying.

  1. . This includes HDMI, Ethernet, audio and power.
  2. Just half a second now and then.
  3. Yes, this works with the power cord unplugged.
  4. After this happens and go back to the game.

This doesn’t look like it’ll work, but saved a frustrated call to Sony and got our PS4 up and running again in a matter of minutes. Chances are you’ll hear a click and not see a light, but overall this should fix the PS4’s constant ejecting disc issue.

For users who have experienced this issue more than once, it’s a good idea to check out Sony’s full repair so you don’t run into this PS4 issue after your warranty runs out and you’re not stuck with a major problem. fix it yourself.

There doesn’t seem to be a specific disk causing this, but you can take steps to avoid it. Make sure to shut down the PS4 properly before unplugging it and remove any discs before moving the PS4 unit. This includes simply removing it to move it around and dust off what briefly broke our PS4.

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The PS4 warranty lasts for one year, but you can buy it. Extended PS4 warranty for $49.99 this adds three years of additional coverage to the PS4. The only problem is that you have to do this before the first year of coverage is up. After that passes, you have to fix the PS4 yourself or pay Sony to fix the PS4. If your PS4 warranty has just expired, you can try to persuade support to assist you, but that’s not a sure thing.