How to Find and Delete Videos from iPhone Camera Roll

One of the iPhone’s biggest selling points is the camera. Over the years, the iPhone has pioneered the suite for capturing great photos and high-quality videos.

While this is great for consumers, it becomes a double-edged sword when it comes to storing all that media. While photos take up a decent amount of space, the worst offender is video.

A five-minute video on the iPhone 5 is about 900MB, which is a lot of storage for someone with a 16GB iPhone. To eliminate this problem, it is best to delete unnecessary videos. Before starting this process, make sure to back up your iPhone to iTunes.

Here is the simplest way to find and delete videos from iPhone.


Tap the bottom left.

Tap Bottom Left

Once Camera Roll is selected, select Top Left to see all items.

Tap camera roll

Select the tab.

Select Video Tab

Select along the bottom center.

Choose Share

Select Videos to Delete.

Select Videos

After selecting all the videos to delete

Delete Selected Videos

Tap to confirm that you really want to delete them.

Once this is done, the selected videos will be deleted from iPhone. While this can also be done in the Photos app, it’s easier because of the tab dedicated to videos only.

Another thing users can do if storage is running low is to buy a higher capacity iPhone. While most users can get by with a 16GB model, it might be a good idea to go up to 32GB or 64GB if you plan on taking lots of photos and videos.

If paying an extra $100-200 isn’t the solution, it’s also possible to back up the iPhone to a computer and export the media to apps like iPhoto or Aperture. By backing up the media to these programs, the user can remove the original files from the iPhone and in return free up space on their device.

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