How to Enable COVID-19 Contact Tracking on iPhone

After fears of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple and Google teamed up to help people fight the epidemic. The two leading tech giants first introduced core “Exposure Notifications” (in April of this year) that require users to install an app from the local health authority. Now they have launched a much more efficient contact tracking system called “Exposure Notifications Express” that gives exposure alerts even without an app. If you want to help public health officials fight the epidemic and even protect yourself, don’t forget to enable COVID-19 contact tracing on your iPhone.

Enable COVID-19 Contact Tracking on iPhone on iOS 13.7 or Later

How Does COVID-19 Contact Tracking Work on iPhone?

iPhone uses Bluetooth to store a log throughout the day. Once Contact Notifications is enabled, the device searches for other iOS and Android smartphones that have Contact Notifications turned on. According to Apple, the device maintains a 14-day log of shared identifiers.

If someone is affected by the new Coronavirus, they can report it anonymously and also report it to their relatives. Your iPhone will keep a tab in your diary for your exposure to everyone who is positive for COVID-19. Also, if an exposure exceeds the public health authority’s guidelines, you will be warned.

Does Contact Notifications Express Provide Basic Privacy for Your Personal Information?

Contact Notifications Express ensures that the privacy of your personal information remains safe. HE uses random, rotating Bluetooth identifiers To find out if you have been exposed to someone who has reported a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

Contact Notifications Express Privacy

For the unfamiliar, Bluetooth identifiers consist of a random string of numbers that change every 10-20 minutes. These cryptographically generated from a randomly generated key It keeps changing almost every 24 hours to protect your privacy. Also, they do not contain sensitive information such as location and identity.

Are Contact Notifications Available Anywhere?

Unfortunately, Contact Notifications are not yet available worldwide. Although the contact tracking feature no longer requires you to install a local health department app, support from local health authority is still a must.

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But don’t lose hope, as the release of iOS 13.7 has made it much easier for public health authorities to adopt the API. Apple noted that 20 countries, including Canada, Italy, Brazil and Switzerland, have already launched applications based on its APIs, and 25 US states are heavily exploring the use of the contact tracing system.

Considering the rapid rollout, we expect many other countries to launch contact tracing apps based on Apple and Google’s API. Therefore, you may not have to wait too long for it to arrive in your area.

Turn On/Off Contact Notifications on iPhone

1. Start Settings app On your iPhone running iOS 13.7 or later.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad

2. Now, tap on Contact Notifications.

Tap on Contact Notifications

3. Next, tap on it. “Turn On Contact Notifications” choice.

Turn on Contact Notifications in iOS 14

4. Next, tap on Go on.

Tap Continue

5th place, country and region and to approve.

Choose your country and region

That is all! If contact tracing is available in your area, it will confirm that the feature is now active. In case the feature is not yet available in your region/country, it will inform you that it is not yet released/supported there.

Contact Tracking Confirmation


  • If the Contact Notifications feature finds a contact tracking app in your area, it will suggest you download it. Simply open it in the app store and download it. After that launch the app and enable contact tracing.
  • Once you have contact tracking enabled in the app, you can keep a tab on the exposure controls and even delete the exposure log whenever and wherever you want.
  • Check out Availability Alerts that notify you if Contact Notifications are available in your area.

Availability alerts

Enable Contact Notifications Express on your iPhone

So, this is how you can enable contact tracing on your iPhone in iOS 13.7 or later. At a time when the entire world is struggling to contain the deadly pandemic, a feature like exposure notifications seems like a boon. If executed effectively, it can play a good role in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The latest version of iOS introduced some key health features like the ability to automatically reduce loud headphone volume and sleep monitoring. Also, watchOS 7’s hand wash detection feature should not be underestimated, which seems well-timed. By the way, what do you think of these new additions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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