How to Download on Android to View Web Pages Offline

on your computer, probably alreadysave a web page so you can consult later. On an Android smartphone, it’s a little more complicated. We take screenshots most of the time. It is useful but does not save an entire web page. Also, it is not possible to copy part of the text from a screenshot or click on a link, as in a browser.

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Fortunately, and contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible. save a web page in android so you can view it offline later. Here’s how.

1. Go to Play Store by clicking the image below to download the Offline Browser app.

Google Play

2. Start the application and then click the “+” button. Next, you will add the link to the page you want to download. You can choose the maximum links you want to save and even their depth. Depending on the selected configuration, you can only save one web page or sweep the entire site.

save android web page

3. Once your preferences are confirmed, click the button to the right of the link to download the web page.

4. After going offline, go to Offline Browser to view the web page you downloaded. As you can see, we have also saved the links on the page here.

download android website

Note that if you see a link that interests you while surfing the web through your usual browser, you will not have to enter the address manually. All you have to do is copy the URL of the page you want to save in the Offline Browser or share the link of the app directlyprobably the simplest method.

save chrome link

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