How to Curse on iPhone and iOS 8

This guide will teach you how to curse on iPhone or iPad using iOS 8. This will prevent iPhone from always changing your messages to tilt and shoot and instead let you swear in messages as you please.

Apple’s autocorrect feature automatically replaces common swear words with bows or shots instead of typing something you might not want to share with your recipient. This is a nice way to prevent an autocorrect from saying something to your boss or spouse that you will regret, and at best, drive yourself crazy.

If you want to be able to swear with your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8, you can add words you want to type to the dictionary so you don’t have to constantly translate words into a curse word.

Learn how to swear on iPhone with iOS 8 even if autocorrect won’t let you.

Here’s how you can swear to your iPhone and iPad messages in iOS 8. After installing this on one device, it should sync automatically with your other devices connected to the same Apple ID. You can do this in multiple ways, depending on how you want to prepare your iPhone for damnation.

You will have to do this with any damn word you want. You can use it to teach iPhone its own variations of curses you randomly throw at your friends and teach it how to curse in other languages.

Teach iPhone and iOS 8 to Curse

You can teach iPhone and iOS 8 to swear while typing without needing to dig into settings.

Search to train iPhone to swear and swear in iOS 8.

Search to train iPhone to swear and swear in iOS 8.

Open Safari on iPhone and search for the damn word you want to train iPhone to use. This will train the iPhone to learn your damn words just by searching. Gizmodo shared this quick way to train autocorrect.

Repeat this process for any profanity and profanity you want your iPhone to use, and you’ll be swearing without bending over all day trying to beat autocorrect.

This is the simplest way to teach iPhone and iOS 8 how to curse, but it’s not the only way.

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When you type a swear, the autocorrect keyboard will show a correction like Duck, you can select it by tapping the word you want in the quotes on the right. This should add it to your dictionary and exclude it from autocorrect after that. This is another simple way to teach swear words to iPhone.

Automatically Teach iOS 8 Curses and Vows

If you want to make sure that misspelled curses and curses turn into correct insults, you can go to the shortcuts area of ​​the keyboard to train your iPhone curses and common misspellings for those cursed words. You can even set up super small shortcuts so you can send messages without typing the whole phrase.


To teach iPhone and iOS 8 how to swear, you need to enter the word curse in both the sentence and shortcut fields. This will prevent your curse words from being automatically corrected. Repeat as needed.

Add a shortcut to longer curses and curses that you often can't spell correctly.

Add a shortcut to longer curses and curses that you often can’t spell correctly.

You can also use this to turn a short letter combination into a longer insult. For example. Type “You smell elderberry” in the sentence section and “usmell” in the shortcut. Now whenever you type “usmell” it will replace it with a longer insult.

You can use this for any swearing, profanity, and other insults that iOS 8 autocorrect would normally turn into bowing, closing, hitting, or the like.