How to Create Voice Chat in Telegram Channels

After adding group voice calls in December, Telegram is testing the possibility of allowing users to start and join voice chats in Telegram channels. This feature extends the availability of group voice chats to channels to help channel owners start relevant discussions. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the feature to find out what it’s all about.

Create Voice Chats on Telegram Channels

Currently, voice chats in channels are only available in Telegram beta. This feature was added with Telegram beta 7.6. You can download the APK file from here try it right away or wait for the company to expand the feature to everyone.

Creating and Managing Voice Chats

1. Telegram to prevent abuse Restricts the ability to initiate voice chat sessions with channel owners and administrators. If you’re a channel owner or manager, you’ll see the option to start a new voice chat on the channel description page. Tap the vertical three-dot menu and select ‘Start voice chat’.

2. You can now choose whether you want to join the conversation through your personal account or as a channel. Select your preferred option and click the ‘Continue’ button. Now you have created the group voice chat and you can tap the microphone button to turn up the volume and start speaking.

select the account and tap to turn up the volume

3. If you have attended as a listener and would like to join the discussion, you can request speech permissions by tapping the big gradient button. Admins can then choose to let you speak.

telegram talk request

4. If there is more than one speaker and you do not want to hear the bad speech of a particular person, you can mute them. The best part? They won’t know you muted it. Long press the contact’s name and tap ‘Mute for me’ To do this. You can also lower the volume of a speaker separately.

mute the telegram for me

Change Channel Voice Chat Settings

1. You have many options to fine tune the voice chat interface. You can change the title of the voice chat to reflect the topic, share the invite link to the discussion, or even start recording the session. Tap the vertical ellipsis menu in the group voice chat UI to access these options.

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telegram voice chat options

2nd. Tap on ‘Edit voice chat thread’enter the new title and press the save button To confirm the change

change voice chat title

3. You can invite Telegram users as listeners or speakers. Press ‘Share invite link’, select the appropriate setting and send the invite link to your Telegram contacts. You can also tap the Copy link button to share the link outside of Telegram.

share invite link of group voice chat room

4. If you want to record the voice chat session, you can tap ‘Start recording’ to start. Telegram has added a recording indicator to let attendees know that the current session is being recorded. When you stop recording, Access the saved file from the Saved Messages section.

record telegram channel voice chat

5. You don’t need to be in Telegram’s voice chat interface to stay connected. Tap the overlay button to continue using other apps while still having basic controls like Speaker, Mute, and Leave. You will also see a small avatar in the overlay to know who is currently speaking.

channel voice chat overlay

Start Voice Chat on Telegram Channels

So you can use voice chats on Telegram channels to host and participate in discussions with your channel’s followers. If you need sound rooms outside of Telegram, check out our article on best practices like Clubhouse. If you’re looking for a similar feature for group chats, check out our guide on how you can use Telegram’s group voice call. Also be sure to check out our guides on auto-deleting messages in Telegram and sending anonymous messages in Telegram groups.

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