How to create a recycle bin on your Android smartphone

One of the most practical functions on the computer is that it has a recycle bin, so it avoids unpleasant surprises in case a file or image is accidentally deleted. because thanks You can restore a deleted file to the recycle bin.

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You should know that it is also possible on Android and it must be passed through an application. This last one is Dumpster. In this way, you can have a recycle bin on your Android smartphone so that you can recover files that you accidentally deleted.

How to create a recycle bin on your Android smartphone

First you need to install the application from the link below:


After installing the application, here is how to install it:

  • In the first setting, select files to “protect” ie the ones that will stay in the trash
trash can (5)
  • The second thing to do is to schedule the permanent deletion of the data. Go to settings then “Automatic cleaning” You have to choose a period from there. At the end of the latter, the files will be permanently deleted.
trash can (1)
  • Note that you can also permanently delete files by selecting the files and then pressing the “Delete” button.

Now that it’s configured, let’s see how to restore a file.

  • Now when you go to open Dumpster, you will see the files you deleted. They are classified according to their types. For example, to see deleted photos, simply press Camera.
trash (4)

trash (3)
  • Next, you need to select the files to restore. Press “Restore” and voila.
trash (2)
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There is now a recycle bin on your Android smartphone that will allow you to recover from an accidental deletion. We hope this tutorial will be useful for you and above all do not hesitate to give us your feedback in the comments.

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