Twitter: Bill Gates Says Elon Musk Takeover ‘Could Be Worse’

This is definitely the biggest news of recent days: Elon Musk has bought Twitter. Certainly, the billionaire’s controversial reputation has sparked passionate reactions, to say the least: loyal followers defend his vision, while critics fear the trivialization of hate speech.

And Bill Gates in all this? The billionaire, who has gradually withdrawn from the world of technology in recent years, continues to have strong views on the subject. We remember his shock stance against Bitcoin, especially in 2021 when he said loudly and clearly that the digital currency is a disaster for the climate.

Bill Gates talked about Twitter takeover

However, we do not encounter such a harshness in the statements regarding the takeover of Twitter. Truth be told, he seems to have almost little idea about it. When asked about the subject, Bill Gates only replied: “I think Twitter could be worse, but it could also be better”. And that’s about it.

When reminded that Elon Musk attacked him from the front on the social network a few days ago, he says he doesn’t particularly need it.” be good” to him. This is settled. In fact, Bill Gates is a privileged target of anti-vaccine opponents, who have so vehemently expressed against him since his significant investment in research against Covid-19.

“In a way, you almost have to laugh because it’s crazy”, comments. Finally, the billionaire insists that the space race is not one of those goals, allowing a slight tact of common sense against his colleagues. Instead he prefers“Eliminate polio, then get back to the fight against malaria”says.

Source : Metro

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