How to Change Galaxy S8 Display Buttons

This quick guide will explain how to change the onscreen buttons of Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. This is a brand new phone with lots of new features and changes. Like the missing physical home button. Fortunately, the onscreen navigation buttons are fully customizable and that’s it.

After the March 29 announcement, Samsung finally launched these new phones on April 21. Now that the Galaxy S8 is in the hands of millions of users, many will have questions.

Above are the top 10 things all new owners should do. Additionally, below are some quick and easy instructions for customizing the navigation bar. Owners can change the on-screen buttons order, background color, and more.

Users will want to learn how to set up the fingerprint scanner, enable apps to use full screen, and much more. If you just got the new Galaxy S8, don’t forget to use your free Gear VR headset. Then read on to learn how to customize the onscreen navigation buttons.

It’s the first time in seven years and any Galaxy has virtual softkeys on the S8. Not the physical back, home and recent apps buttons like the devices of the past. As a result, owners will have to completely relearn how they interact with the smartphone. It’s pretty easy though, and works like most other Android phones available today.

Lucky Samsung included a number of customization options and controls. If this is your first Galaxy, the onscreen “Back” button is probably in the wrong place. All other Androids put it on the left side of the device. If you want to change that and other things, this is it.

How to Customize Galaxy S8 Screen Navigation Buttons

Like everything else, users can navigate to the settings menu and find lots of advanced controls and options. Samsung lets owners change the button order, add a background color, and add other cool stuff.

From here, users have several options to choose from. You can change the background color of the screen keys according to the device theme. Or choose from an entire selection of colors. Also, Samsung has added a color wheel for absolute customization.

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Then pick and choose whether you want the back button on the left like most Android devices or the Samsung style on the right.

Users have the option of hard pressing the home button to take you home from anywhere. Whether the phone is locked, closed or even in full screen mode running an app or movie. We recommend that you enable it. And finally, there’s a slider where owners can customize how hard or light the vibration engine is with virtual softkeys and home button.

As a quick note, there will be certain situations where the navigation background color on the screen will not be what you choose. Some apps and even the home screen will have transparent or other colors by default. Either way, it’s nice to have this level of customization on Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone. While you’re here, get a Galaxy S8+ screen protector from our roundup below.

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