How to Change Font Size in Windows 10

Don’t go another day without knowing how to change the font size in Windows 10. Doing so will make it easier for you to see everything on your laptop, desktop or tablet.

Windows 10 has all sorts of options and switches, but few are more important than the control panel, which lets you change how large your computer’s font size is and how large screen elements appear. Monitors and displays have gotten sharper, and that clarity also means text and buttons in Windows 10 have gotten smaller. If you have a device with a 4K display and you press the wrong button, you may encounter text that is too small to read.

Here is how to change apps, programs and font size in Windows 10.

Before you do anything else, save any work in any app or program you have open. Windows 10 requires you to restart your computer when you change font sizes and scaling ratios.

Hungry . To do this, press the Windows key on your keyboard or the Start button in the corner of your screen. If you have a tap, tap the Start button instead.

Now click or tap the cog in the lower left corner of the Start Menu. It’s just above the power button.

Welcome to the Settings app. It is the first option from the left in the top row.

Your Windows 10 laptop, desktop or tablet will take you directly to the Display settings area. Look for the word at the top of the Settings app to confirm this is happening.

Scroll down in the window until you see it. This area has all the controls you need to adjust your device’s screen resolution and font size. If you have a device that lets you change screen colors, it also lets you adjust your color profile.

The drop-down menu lets you control how large the items on the screen are, including the font size. The company that makes your computer has assigned a scale setting based on how sharp your device’s screen is and how large it is. That’s why one of your options has been tagged

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The lower the percentage in this drop-down menu, the smaller everything on your screen will appear to you. Therefore, going from 200% to 100% reduces the size of buttons, fonts, and icons in Windows 10. Choose a new ratio from the drop-down menu; your device will automatically change the font size in Windows 10 to match.

Finding the right ratio and font size in Windows 10 should be simple for mouse and keyboard users. Note that when changing the ratio, the smaller it is, the more work you have to do to select the mouse cursor.

If you are using a touch device like Surface Pro, it will be more difficult for you to find the right ratio. You have to balance how big the items on the screen are with how easy it is to click with a mouse or tap with your finger. The smaller you make the items on the screen, the harder it is to touch them in a hurry.

Unfortunately, your computer does not restart itself when you select an option from the menu. You will receive a notification at the top of the window that your new settings are not applied because some programs and screen elements require a restart. Do not put your computer to sleep by pressing the power button. Turn it on and click the power icon in the lower left corner instead.

Choose from the drop-down menu.

With your computer back on, try going to different websites and opening the apps and programs you use daily to see how well the new scaling setting works for you. You can change the font size at any time in Windows 10, so go back to the Settings app and choose another ratio if your first choice doesn’t work.

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