How to Block or Unblock Contacts on Google Drive

Google Drive has had a spam invite problem for a long time. Spammers take advantage of the file sharing feature to spam users with malicious links. The worst part of this issue was that Google Drive has not had the option to block these spam invitations until now. In this article, we’ll explain how you can block (or unblock) contacts in Google Drive to get rid of annoying spam notifications.

Guide to Block/Unblock Contacts on Google Drive (2021)

You can block contacts in Google Drive from the web or mobile app on Android and iOS. We have included instructions for both cases, so choose the relevant section according to your preferred device. Let’s get started!

Block Someone on Google Drive Using Website

1. Go to Google Drive Web site and right-click a file or folder shared with you. All shared files are located under the ‘Shared with me’ section in the left sidebar.

2. From the list of options in the drop-down menu, select block.

3. When the next popup appears, Click ‘Block’ to confirm. After blocking, the person won’t be able to interact with you on Google Drive and other Google products.

confirm blocking driver

Unblock Someone on Google Drive Using Website

If you’ve blocked someone by mistake or want to unblock someone you’ve blocked on Google Drive before, you can do that too. Follow the steps below:

1. Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and Select ‘Manage your Google Account’.

manage google account

2nd. Go to the ‘People and sharing’ tab Click “Blocked” under “People” from the left-hand menu to view your Google Drive blocked list.

blocked contacts google account

3. You will see everyone you have blocked so far. Click the ‘X’ button next to the person’s name to unblock them. The person can then continue to share new files with you in Drive.

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unblock contacts google account

Block Someone on Google Drive for Android or iOS

1. If you are on mobile, press the vertical ellipsis icon next to the file or folder name to access the options menu. From the popup window, tap on it. Block’.

block people android

2. Just like on the desktop, you will now see a confirmation prompt. Tap ‘Block’ to prevent the person from sending you random files.

confirm blocking android driver

You will no longer receive any Google Drive spam invitations from them, which will put an end to their cyberbullying.

Unblock Someone on Google Drive for Android or iOS

1. If you change your mind, press your avatar in the upper right corner of the Drive app and select “Manage your Google Account”. Switch to the ‘People and sharing’ tab and Tap on ‘Blocked’ Option under ‘People’ to see contacts you’ve blocked in Drive.

view block list driver

2. Then tap the ‘X’ next to the contact list to unblock a user on Google Drive. You can now continue to interact with them across Google products.

unblock user on drive

Block Google Drive Spam in Few Easy Steps

This was our guide to help you block unwanted interactions on Google Drive and end the threat from certain people. If you come across similar spam messages on Facebook, see our article on how to block or unblock someone on Facebook. iPhone users can also review our guide to block text messages on iPhone for a better experience.