Google Photos: 9 tips you should definitely know

Google Photos appeared during Google I/O in May 2015. An app that not only lets you store your photos, but also lets you better organize and even organize them and of course find them on all your devices, including your PC.

1. Backup your photos for free and unlimited

What you need to know is that the Google Photos app offers two storage options. A first (High quality) that allows you to store your photos and videos in the cloud for free and without limits, with light compressionand a second to keep the original format, but that will be deducted from your storage.

Google Photos backup

Frankly, the first option is more than enough, the images do not deteriorate and the application accepts the definition of up to 16 Megapixels.

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2. Clean your phone

This is one of the latest options added to the app. Google Photos now lets you delete photos and videos stored in the cloud from your Android smartphone to free up memory. It also warns you When your phone’s storage is about to run out and cleaning time. To access this option, simply do the following:

  • Click the button at the top left to open the menu, and then select the “Settings” item.
  • To choose “Free up storage”. The app then scans your images for duplicates
  • Confirm for the first time, then confirm the deletion of the media after a second

Google Photos frees up space

3. Backup photos from other apps

Google Photos allows you to save not only the photos you take with your smartphone’s photo sensor, but also the photos you upload to Facebook, Instagram and other apps, the images you download to your phone, and even the images you capture. But it’s an option that needs to be enabled. Here’s how:

  • Open the menu by clicking the left button
  • choose “Device Folders”
  • Then you will see all the folders containing the pictures on your phone appear. To enable a backup of a folder, simply click the icon in the top right.

Google Photos backup folders

4. Optimize your search engine

Google Photos’ built-in search engine is already quite powerful, allowing you to search for places where you took a photo or for specific dates. But did you know that you can also use it with keywords?

  • Open one of your photos
  • Press the round info panel below
  • Add a comment at the top of this page
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In this way, you will now be able to search for your photos with the keywords you commented on! Finding you is easy.


5. Group your friends’ faces

This is a super nice option that will let you group your photos by people photographed. Unfortunately, it is not officially available in Europe as it uses facial recognition, it is still possible to activate using a VPN, in our previous tutorial we explained to you how to enable facial recognition in Google Photos and rest assured, it is very simple.

6. Create shared albums with your friends

Only you will see media saved in your cloud in Google Photos, but you can also choose to share them with your friends and even create public and public albums where anyone can add their pictures. And peace of mind for privacy, only people you send the link to will be able to see shared photos. Here’s how:

  • Open an image and click the share button in the bottom left
  • You are presented with three options to share the image, click on it. “Create link”. You only need to copy and paste it with another app to share it later.

Google Photos sharing
  • To quickly create a shared album, select multiple photos at once as below and click “New Shared Album”.

Google Photos album sharing

7. Create your own animations in GIF or video

Few people know this, but you don’t need a second separate app to create your own animations: Google Photos integrates it for you! And this is in the simplest way:

  • choose photos you want to revive
  • Tap the “+” sign at the top of the screen
  • Choose “Animation” To make a GIF
  • Or “Film“to make a video

For this last option, you will have the ability to change the animations and background music.


8. Edit your photos like a pro

Like when Google+ only had one option, the service also has an extensive editing tool. You can edit your images or add filter. Here’s how:

  • To get started, open a photo in the app and then click the pencil icon to open the editing tool.
  • You are then presented with three tabs: the first with all the basic settings (auto retouch, brightness, color, etc.), the second with filters, and the third with different rotation options. Your turn !

If you’re still not satisfied with the quality of the images, feel free to check out our tutorial on how to take better photos on Android.

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Google Photos editing

9. Play a slideshow on your Chromecast

Slideshows have been implemented with the latest Google Photos update. This is the perfect opportunity to show your photos to your friends or family! Getting started is just as easy:

  • sign in to your Chromecast via the Cast icon at the top of the app.
  • Open a photo album or your news source
  • Press 3 small dots top right
  • choose slideshow

And hop, the slide show starts on your TV! All you have to do is tell your adventures in front of your current audience, mesmerized by your exploits!


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