Android: How to close apps running in the background?

Don’t panic, it’s not irreversible! We will quickly see how to get rid of applications running in the background and queue up your smartphone or tablet, or simply stop them altogether. android. You will see: it is quite simple and does not require any special knowledge.

Android: stop apps running in the background

If you have closed all open applications via the multitasking button in the navigation bar, most of the different applications’ “processes” run almost continuously without you realizing it. The first thing to do is to identify them.

  • go to settings
  • then in developer options (explore our tutorial to find out how)
android developer options settings
  • Then find “Running services” to see the apps that are currently consuming your smartphone’s RAM.

Here are the system-related processes and some Google apps To keep your terminal working properly, it is recommended that you do not close it, but other applications that you use little or not at all may hang for various reasons. You can see in detail how much RAM they use in real time. Now that you’ve set your goals, it’s time to take action!

  • Ask yourself if you really need these apps
  • If not, go to the apps tab in settings and uninstall them.
  • If the system does not allow this (and you do not have root access), you can “disable” the application. Be careful, if you turn it on it will be re-enabled.
stop background app

Android: Use Greenify to “freeze” apps

Unfortunately, the apps we usually use the most still consume RAM and battery life when closed. For those, I recommend downloading the excellent Greenify app, which will let you “Hibernate” selected apps when you’re not using them. This is a good alternative to uninstalling and disabling.

space dash party google play store

The app is available for free on the Play Store, but there is a paid version that goes even further if you have root access with an automatic hibernation system. Explore our tutorial to learn how to easily root your Android smartphone. If you have other techniques to fire power-hungry apps, share them with the community in the comments!

green the android app

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