3 basic tips to speed up your web browser

Is your internet connection slow? But what if the problem is your web browser and not him? Here are some tips to speed up your internet browser.

A slow connection, a slow browser, can quickly become annoying when it comes to viewing a web page, posting a status on Facebook, watching a video on YouTube, or replying to a message. And more so when you know very well that you have already done everything necessary to prevent this from happening.

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Including avoiding having too many tabs open, updating your browser regularly, and monitoring your computer for malware infections. But despite all these precautions, the internet is still slow and it’s driving you crazy. Here some tips to fix the problem. Note that some only work with certain browsers, not all offer the same functionality.

1. Follow very greedy extensions

Extensions allow us to add features to our browsers that are usually very welcome. Unfortunately, they can also slow them down. The first thing to do if your browser is slow, remove what you don’t use. And if the problem persists, there are several ways to determine which one is the most greedy.

Google Chrome

In Chrome, the Google browser is very simple as it includes its own task manager accessible from the menu. More tools > Task manager.

Once in the manager, simply click on the “Tasks” tab to collect the extensions and see which ones consume the most resources, and then disable or delete them.

chrome stain manager

Other browsers

  • in Firefox : Just download this extension to get the same information as in Chrome
  • For others, you will need to disable extensions one by one to determine which is responsible for the slowdowns.

2. Disable Autorun Plugins

Some plugins and especially Flash plugintends to consume a lot of resources. The reason why the format is gradually disappearing. Google recently removed flash ads from Chrome. Here’s how to disable add-ons when you’re not using them.

on Chromium

  • enter inside Settings > Advanced Settings
  • Then go to Privacy > Content Settings
  • Scroll down to add-ons
  • Check the “Let me choose when to run add-on content” box and click OK.
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chrome plugin

in Firefox

In the Mozilla browser, you will not need to perform this manipulation as Firefox now blocks flash content (although it is possible to manually re-enable the add-on). And for others you just need:

  • Click on the top right to open the settings
  • Click Modules
  • Choose your preferred option for each plugin

firefox addons

in Microsoft Edge

  • Click on the top right and select “Settings”
  • Scroll down and click on “Show advanced settings”
  • Uncheck “Use Adobe Flash Player”

microsoft edge plugins

3. Clear your browsing data

We never think about it enough, but browsers store huge amounts of data that pile up causing slowdowns. It’s very easy though delete them regularly.

on Chromium

  • press keys “Ctrl” “Shift” and “Add”
  • Click on “Clear browsing data”

delete chrome history

in Firefox

  • press keys “Ctrl” “Shift” and “Add”
  • Select all”
  • Click “Delete now”

clear firefox history

in Microsoft Edge

  • press keys “Ctrl” “Shift” and “Add”
  • Click Clear

clear microsoft history

4. Other Tips

Normally, if you have followed the advice given above, your browser is already faster. However, if this is not the case yet, there may be other avenues to be discovered, especially by your antivirus. Some antiviruses slow down your computer’s performance and there won’t be many solutions unless you replace them. Also, your internet connection might be really slow. Do not hesitate to regularly consult Arcep’s research on the internet service quality of operators.

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