Xbox: Microsoft may eliminate console exclusives by releasing its biggest games on PS5

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Microsoft seems determined to shake up old habits in the video game industry in 2024. After a historic takeover of Activision-Blizzard, the company now wants to focus on physical games. But it can go further. According to many rumors, it was precisely the concept of privileges that would attract the attention of the Redmond company.

For years, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have had a habit of releasing certain games only on their own consoles. The strategy couldn’t be simpler: By releasing critically and popularly acclaimed games on a single console, sales of the latter are soaring, fueling a concept that’s generated a lot of ink in recent years: battle consoles.

Microsoft may soon launch its biggest cartridges on PS5

This concept, which was very present (and loud) in the early 2010s, has somewhat disappeared in recent years, thanks in part to Microsoft’s omnipresent rhetoric about its desire to make its games available to as many players as possible. Therefore, it is possible that the company will take the next step soon. Indeed, many media outlets are now claiming that some of the biggest Xbox exclusive games will soon no longer be described as such.

It all started yesterday on the XboxEra site, which confirmed that Starfield could be released on PS5 this year. If this is the case, this is nothing more and nothing less than a small revolution. Despite its mixed critical success, Starfield is undoubtedly the biggest Xbox game of 2023, receiving critical acclaim for Game Pass and the branch’s financial results. According to XboxEra, the PS5’s release will take place after the first DLC is released.

But it doesn’t end there. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will get the same treatment next year, according to The Verge. Here it is again, the next big cartridge from Bethesda, and therefore Xbox studios. Finally, we come across similar echoes regarding Sea of ​​Thieves in Windows Central. Also a few days ago, data mining HiFi Rush, one of the most popular indie games of 2023 on Xbox, revealed a few hints of a release on PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

indiana jones' great circleindiana jones' great circle

Why does Microsoft want to end Xbox exclusives?

In short, the rumors are starting to pile up, especially since they arrive at more or less the same time. Enough to seriously consider the possibility of Microsoft ending its exclusivity strategy. So what’s the point of the publisher doing without one of the Xbox Series X’s main selling points? In fact, several reasons can explain this reversal.

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First, the second would be a continuation of Microsoft’s message: to bring video games to as many players as possible. This new strategy will strengthen Microsoft’s “good guy” image in the industry, which won’t hurt Microsoft after it cut 1,900 jobs from its gaming division at the beginning of 2024. This is for show. Internally, the interest will be as radical as it is obvious: increasing sales of Xbox Studios games.

While Microsoft has never been the biggest console vendor, the last generation has further strengthened that gap. So there’s only one step to take before comparing Microsoft to Sega, which withdrew from the console market after the Dreamcast failed to become a “simple” publisher. It’s too early to tell if this is Microsoft’s real plan. But one thing is certain: The strategy is not meaningless.

Ultimately, Microsoft could move closer to Sony’s strategy of releasing its premium games exclusively on PS5, specifically on PlayStation Plus (as opposed to Xbox Game Pass) on day one before offering a PC port. So gamers will always have a reason to buy an Xbox or Game Pass subscription (to play big games quickly), and Microsoft will deliver better sales thanks to multiplatform. Note that Microsoft already wants to launch Game Pass on Nintendo Switch. At this point anything is possible. Even the end of the console wars.

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