Valve is releasing Steam Replay 2022, a summary of your gaming habits this year

A few days ago Sony and Nintendo released a personalized summary of the years 2022. PlayStation Recap and Year Review on Switch. Now it’s up to Valve to do the same on Steam, the PC video game platform, and the Steam Deck. This report, called Steam Replay, will summarize your gaming habits in 2022.

Whether it was your best year or a year you’d rather forget, gaming was (we hope!) a reliable and fun escape. The company said in its announcement blog post. ” From your best games of the year to when and how you played the most, Steam Replay provides a summary of your time on Steam in 2022. “.

Steam Replay received data from January 1 to December 14, 2022, and does not include playing in offline mode, so metrics may seem incomplete to you. If you go offline to avoid being bothered by messages from your friends, your summary is likely to be skewed.

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