Sega accessed metadatabase and NFTs

Everyone is returning to the metaverse. Recently, many famous brands such as Coca-Cola or Nike have stepped into virtual worlds. In the middle of his presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron even promised to create a European metaverse. At the same time, many giants of the video game industry are beginning their transition to the metaverse.

This is the case with Sega. Japanese company announced Good gameAn attempt to design a series of AAA games that will include flagship Web3 technologies such as immutable tokens (NFTs). “This is a natural extension for the future of gaming, which will expand to include new areas such as cloud gaming or NFTs.”Sega’s producer, explains Masayoshi Kikuchi.

Sega is developing a series of interconnected games in its metadatabase

Determined to make a name for itself in the future of the metaverse, Sega revealed the creation of the metaverse.five-year plan to force the development of the framework. Under this plan, the company will invest $800 million.

It will lead to the creation of the Super Game framework. several interconnected games inspired by the intellectual property of the brand. Sega’s flagship characters like Sonic may therefore appear in this metaverse. “There is no doubt that these will be interactive titles that go beyond the traditional gaming framework”says the producer.

Titles developed as part of the Super Gaming initiative, cross-platform, multilingual and can be used simultaneously anywhere in the world. Sega vice president Shuji Utsumi “Will surpass the full spectrum of Sega technologies” and that development will take place on a scale “global blockbuster”.

For the time being, Sega has remained pretty vague about the evolution of the project, noting that only a few games are in development. Still, Sega’s statements about the arrival of NFTs have already provoked. anger of some players. Many on social media summarize immutable tokens as speculation.

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