PS6: Sony aims to make its console much more powerful, again thanks to AMD

PS5 Pro 3D concept

According to a new report from Red Gaming Tech, a reliable source of gaming leaks, Sony wants to make PS6 the most powerful console of the generation, surpassing the next Xbox. But this could also mean that the PS6 won’t launch until 2028.

The report claims that Sony began working on the PS6 about a year ago and consulted with developers and manufacturers to determine the console’s specifications. The report also states that Sony is expected to stick with AMD technology for the PS6. AMD is the only supplier Sony considered.

What do we know about the next PS6?

The exact features and price of PS6 are not yet known and They may change over time. However, the report suggests that Sony is determined and willing to make the PS6 more powerful than its rivals Invest in advanced technologies such as ray tracing, path tracing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

For those who don’t know, ray tracing is a technique that simulates realistic lighting and reflections in games, and is already supported by the PS5 and Xbox Series, a more advanced form of ray tracing that renders every pixel in the scene with realistic lighting. but it is also very laborious and expensive.

The report suggests Sony is counting on these technologies to ensure the PS6 gets a head start over the next Xbox. but he also acknowledges that this may come at a cost. The PS6 could be very expensive to manufacture and purchase, and could take longer to develop and release. Of course, this is just a rumor and should be taken with caution. Moreover, another rumor announced that PS6 will arrive at the same time as a brand new portable console.

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