PS Plus in February: platform games are leaked

A PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) is a subscription platform that offers a premium experience to game lovers.

It connects players and grants access to a varied library of titles for PlayStation consoles, from the PS4 to the most recent, the PS5.

A leak revealed the games available to subscribers in February, only scheduled to be released on January 31st.

Games you’ll see in February on PS Plus

1. ‘Inscription’

One of the highlights of this package is ‘Inscryption’, an intriguing title that mixes elements of strategy, horror and immersive narrative.

Players will be challenged by puzzle smart as they explore a dark and mysterious world.

The deep immersion and captivating plot promise to keep players on the edge of their seats, generating a unique gameplay experience.

2. ‘Crime Boss: Rockay City’

Another gem in this selection is ‘Crime Boss: Rockay City’, a game that immerses players in the criminal underworld, providing the opportunity to build and expand a criminal empire.

With engaging gameplay mechanics and a gripping narrative, players will find themselves at the center of a battle for criminal supremacy. This will test strategic and decision-making skills, changing the future of the business.

3. ‘The Last of Us Part I’

‘The Last of Us Part I’ is an incredible offering for fans of the series that delivers an intense emotional experience and a powerful narrative.

The widely acclaimed action-adventure game takes players to a post-apocalyptic world where survival is the key word.

With engaging characters and stunning graphics, ‘The Last of Us Part I‘ is an unmissable journey for all PS Plus subscribers.

4. ‘Spelunky 2’

‘Spelunky 2’ brings a challenging platforming and exploration experience. With its unique style and addictive gameplay, players will face randomly generated caves with dangers and challenges in search of treasures.

Fun is guaranteed for those looking for a dynamic adventure full of surprises.

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5. ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ contains a vast and stunning world filled with incredible machines and an engaging story.

Subscribers will have the opportunity to explore this expansive universe, face impressive creatures and uncover mysteries of a post-apocalyptic setting.

6. ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

‘Mortal Kombat 11’ delivers the intense, brutal action the franchise is known for.

With a variety of characters and game modes, subscribers can compete online or enjoy epic battles against friends.

The precision of movements and stunning graphics provide an exceptional fighting experience.

In summary, the PS Plus game selection for February promises to satisfy a variety of tastes, providing subscribers with a variety of exciting experiences.

This one leak it certainly raised expectations and made next month’s arrival even more eagerly awaited by those passionate about PlayStation games.

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