Ai Pin, the most surprising gadget of 2023, is already scheduled to debut

After surprising the world with the first information about the most innovative gadget of the year, called Ai Pin, Humane announced the launch date and start of sales: March 2024.

Ai Pin is the company’s first product and consists of a small wearable device that, when attached to the chest, projects a digital interface onto the user’s palm.

With this, the person can access some cell phone features in their own hand, without holding a device.

The name of the device (Ai Pin) already reveals its origin. The small electronic uses artificial intelligence to perform its functions.

Ai Pin, the cell phone of the future, goes on sale in March 2024 – Photo: Humane/Disclosure


With the revelation of the sales start date, the price to be charged for the device was also announced. The item will cost US$699, around R$3,381 in direct quotation.

Other than that, be aware: the use of the equipment will not be free. Users will have to pay a monthly signature of US$24 or R$108, which will entitle you to a cell phone number with mobile data.

Some experts already predict Ai Pin’s potential to revolutionize the way people interact with cell phones. Small, discreet and easy to use, it has everything to win over the consumer public.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight the device’s abilities and features, such as:

  • Interface projection in the palm of your hand;

  • Access to calls, messages, emails, calendars and other everyday applications;

  • Voice navigation and search, as if it were a virtual assistant;

  • Control of smart devices;

  • Assistance with language translation.

Because it is portable, easy to use and functional, the product becomes an interesting option for those who want to free themselves from the weight or daily handling of traditional cell phones. Is this a future trend?

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