Map blocked? What the most eager ‘GTA 6’ fans have been speculating about

The future of the universe’GTA’ is in full swing with the reveal of the first trailer for ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ (‘GTA 6’) in early December.

Fan anticipation is reaching stratospheric levels as the release is scheduled for 2025. The anticipation is palpable, and speculation about what the new title will bring is at a fever pitch.

Among the many deductions circulating, one of them is related to the blocked regions on the map. This feature, present in the early days of ‘GTA’, disappeared in the fifth version of the game, ‘GTA 5’.

Now, the hope is that she will make a triumphant return in ‘GTA 6’. The presence of locked areas can add an intriguing layer to map exploration, something some fans deeply appreciate.

Opinions are divided

‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ promotional poster – Image: Rockstar Games/Reproduction

But, among fans of the franchise, there is a debate about this. Some prefer the freedom to explore the map without restrictions, going to places freely.

On the other hand, there is a group that enjoys the feeling of advancement provided by a locked map, where certain areas only become accessible as the story progresses.

An intriguing clue about the possible presence of blocked areas in the ‘GTA 6‘ is the electronic ankle bracelet visible on Lucia, the game’s new protagonist, as shown in the trailer.

This observation further fueled speculation about the structure of the map and the possibility of geographic restrictions.

A unique experience

Some fans argue that the gradual experience of advancing in the game, unlocking new items and cars as the story unfolds, is more satisfying than having everything available from the beginning, as occurs in ‘GTA 5’.

The feeling of progress and achievement is an element valued by many players.

However, it is worth highlighting that all this information is mere speculation, and the Rockstar Gamesproducer of the series, has not yet made any official statement about the features of ‘GTA 6’.

The uncertainty only intensifies the expectations of fans, who will continue to be eager for new information and curious to explore the next chapter of the iconic ‘Grand Theft Auto’ saga.

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