How to unlock and transform Gotham Knights costumes

Knowing how to unlock and transform Gotham Knights costumes means you can get the best stats for your superhero while maintaining the look you want to present to the criminal underworld. If you haven’t heard the term ‘transmog’ before, it basically means separating the features and appearance of your outfits so you don’t have to sacrifice any of your skills to use your favorite suit style in Gotham Knights. There are a few menus you have to scroll through to do this, which isn’t very obvious at first, here’s a full explanation of how to unlock and transform skins in Gotham Knights.

How to unlock Gotham Knights suits

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There are two ways to unlock Gotham Knights costumes as you get new ones through progression or crafting. To see the different outfits you can currently use, open Batch in the Gear tab and then select the top Suit option under Loadout. You can scroll through the list to compare stats, make your selection and add Mods available. To craft new Gotham Knights costumes, go to the Crafting tab under Gear to find your Blueprints, then highlight the outfit you want to craft and as long as you have enough Rescue items (shown in the lower left corner) it will be able to craft it. You can do this crafting anywhere via PC, but you must visit the Bell Tower to collect the item before it can be equipped.

How to transform Gotham Knights suits

Once you’ve donned the outfit of your choice, you have the option to transform Gotham Knights skins to change your appearance while keeping all the stats of the original skin. To do this, go to the Styles tab under Gear where you will have options to change the color group, cowl, symbol, gloves and boots of your current outfit. If you highlight the Current Team option and then move left or right, you’ll cycle through all the transmog options available, but some won’t be unlocked until you progress further in the story.

When you find a skin you want to use, tap the Apply prompt to transform your existing Gotham Knights outfit, or hold to convert all your outfits to the same look. Once applied, you will no longer be able to customize your transmog suit, but you can revert to the suit’s original appearance by following the Revert command, which reopens the style options.

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