How the global press has received the new ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’?

The release of “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” took place last Friday (20), and the first analyzes have already started to appear, all of which are full of praise. This game arrived promising a quality that we haven’t seen in the famous plumber’s 2D games for a long time.

Now, with the launch of the game, critics were finally able to give their verdict and express their opinions on the game, a fact that demonstrated the positive unanimity in the initial reviews. With this, the gaming community has every reason to be excited about the news!

Average rating for ‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ on Metacritic

In turn, the Metacritic page has already compiled a considerable number of reviews of the game. At the time this article was written, 76 analyzes were registered on the platform. The average score that emerged from these assessments is 93, which is a remarkable mark.

It is worth noting that, of the registered reviews, only one did not rate the game positively, giving it an average rating, indicated by the yellow color on Metacritic.

Despite this single less enthusiastic assessment, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” has already achieved a high enough rating and a significant number of reviews to receive the coveted “Must Play” badge on Metacritic.

This new Nintendo exclusive already stands out as one of the most notable releases of 2023.

“‘Super Mario Bros. Wonder’ is the best platform game of this generation. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen something so remarkable in a 2D Mario. This game stands up to the best and most beloved side-scrollers Nintendo has ever created, offering joyfully creative level design and solid platforming packed with gorgeous looks.” (WCCFTech, grade 9.5/10)

The majority recommendation

When we consulted OpenCritic, we noticed that for some reason there are fewer reviews registered on the aggregator compared to Metacritic.

However, the average rating on OpenCritic remains impressive, with an average of 92. What’s most notable is that, regardless of the rating, 97% of all critics recommend that you play “Super Mario Bros. Wonder.”

Image: OpenCritic/Reproduction

One of the main differences between the two platforms is that OpenCritic aggregates scores from all platforms into a single average.

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However, for an exclusive of Nintendo Switch Like Mario Wonder, this difference is not as relevant, since the game is designed specifically for this platform.

With such a warm reception from specialized critics, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” presents itself as a title that promises to revive the magic of 2D games from the most iconic plumber in the history of video games.

With its innovative gameplay and creative design, it is clear that this game is destined to become an instant classic within the next few days.