How to get Mass Effect Legendary Edition for free for Amazon Prime Day

To get Mass Effect Legendary Edition for free, players need Amazon Prime and internet connection. As part of its Prime Day annual event, Amazon is giving away a plethora of games for free to anyone with a Prime membership, including the aforementioned Mass Effect Legendary Edition and numerous others – the actual process for claiming them can be a bit unclear. Fortunately, below we will explain how to get Mass Effect LE for free on Amazon and the limitations and requirements for it.

How to claim Mass Effect Legendary Edition and more for free on Amazon Prime Day

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Players can claim the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and more for free for Amazon Prime Day on July 12 and 13, however. only if you have an Amazon Prime membership. Once you have it, go to: Prime Game (opens in new tab) you can go to the site and request the game – and others – and add them to your Amazon account.

And just to clarify, yes – it’s a free trial subscription (opens in new tab), if you currently have one. Signing up for a trial and quickly canceling recurring payments without forgetting is a core ritual of modern society and it works here as well as any other subscription service. Of course, you can always choose to continue your membership if you find the privileges attractive.

ours Mass Effect Legendary Edition ReviewEditor Alyssa was incredibly positive about the experience, praising the narrative and the game’s ability to understand what’s worth updating and what should be left alone for generations to come. The Legendary Edition itself is a collection of the first three Mass Effect games that have been somewhat remade for the modern day, though the multiplayer component was skipped in the process.

Still, as the series solidifying developer Bioware’s place in modern gaming, it’s a wholesome game bundle worth experiencing, even if the online element is missing. It’s worth grabbing, especially as a free game – not to mention all the other Amazon Prime Day free games and extras that come with it, including the Need for Speed ​​game and multiple Star Wars entries.

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