‘Genshin Impact’ developer fights to avoid 30% fee established by Apple

miHoYo, famous creator of the famous game “Genshin Impact“, recently came into conflict with Apple when trying to escape the controversial fees of up to 30% charged by the American company.

A new report from The China Project exposed these attempts, which ended up being quickly blocked by the giant Cupertino, revealing a conflict behind the scenes in the application industry.

miHoYo tries to circumvent the 30% fee established by Apple

Image: miHoYo/Reproduction

miHoYo’s attempt to avoid Apple’s fees began in August. The developer has directed its support team, which operates its forum’s official app, to direct users to make purchases through its official website.

Although this strategy had a limited impact, mainly affecting users who reached out to clarify questions about payments, it caught Apple’s attention.

As a result, the application has been temporarily removed from the App Store. Upon his return, the attendants stopped directing users to make purchases on the company’s official website.

miHoYo’s second attempt involved launching a microprogram on the Chinese payments app Alipay.

Even though the announcement of this new payment method was discreet, limited to brief posts on the social network Weibo, Apple reacted quickly and disabled the functionality for iPhone users in September.

Image: miHoYo/Reproduction

These attempts to avoid Apple’s transaction fees shed light on the seemingly solid relationship between miHoYo and the American giant. miHoYo headquarters even received a visit from Apple CEO Tim Cook during a recent trip to China.

However, these actions suggest that relationships behind the scenes may be more complex than previously imagined and that the search for alternatives to transaction fees may be a trend that other companies will follow in the future.

The relationship between large application developers and distribution platforms has been a topic of debate in recent years.

miHoYo is not the first to try to circumvent these fees and it certainly won’t be the last, which indicates that the battle between developers and technology companies is far from over. This is because many companies argue that the fees charged by Apple and other giants are excessively tall and limit competition.

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