Why does Apple NOT recommend charging iPhone 15 with Android cables?

Apple’s long-awaited launch, the iPhone 15, finally reached consumers with a notable change: the inclusion of the USB-C input. This update was widely celebrated by those eagerly awaiting greater compatibility with other devices and cables.

However, with the arrival of the iPhone 15 lineup, reports emerged that many owners were trying to charge their new devices using cables made for Android systems. This has led to a number of concerns regarding the safety and performance of the devices.

In response to this situation, some Chinese Apple stores released an official statement. Initially, they emphasized the importance of using only certified Apple accessories to ensure the new iPhone 15 line works properly.

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The use of unauthorized cables may compromise the integrity of the device and even pose security risks. This is because, according to the information, the iPhone can overheat.

The stores reiterate the need to use these devices with caution, aiming for user safety, and recommend purchasing genuine accessories or accessories certified by the brand.

Furthermore, when it comes to chargers for devices that are not from the Apple line, there is a difference in the distribution of the connector pins, which can generate new problems, in addition to overheating. A Apple did not express a general opinion on the matter.

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iOS 17 finally arrives

In addition to the new line of iPhones, Apple recently surprised its users with the iOS 17 releasean update that brings several improvements and innovative features to iPhone devices.

One of the most notable features of this new version is the introduction of a sleep screen while the iPhone is charging. When the device is placed horizontally, a customizable screen appears, allowing users to view useful information such as time, calendar and more.

Another exciting addition is the ability to send video messages when a FaceTime call goes unanswered. This provides a more expressive and engaging way to communicate with friends and family.

iOS 17 is an update that takes the user experience to a new level, with a series of improved features and innovations that make using your iPhone even more efficient. Explore all these news and much more!

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