Final Fantasy XVI: PS5 exclusive, video proof will make dungeons proud

If Diablo IV is currently invading the video game scene, PlayStation players will have the chance to discover another highly anticipated game this month: Final Fantasy XVI. The Square Enix name should be released on PS5 starting June 22, 2023, and we can say that it has set a lot of expectations.

Rightfully so, the Japanese studio is making a risky bet because this build is definitely abandoning it in favor of turn-based real-time 3rd person combat. To deliver a tense experience when prompted, Square Enix called the director of conflicts. devil may cry 5Only this.

With only two weeks until the game’s release, our colleagues from IGN were able to get their hands on the game for the first time. 18 minutes of private gameplay. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a quick look at what the game’s dungeons have in store for us.

IGN reveals Final Fantasy XVI’s dungeons

In these excerpts, we can continue on our way by fighting with awesome sword swings and elemental strength, accompanied by Cid, Jill, and our favorite wolf Torgal. The gameplay shared by IGN also reveals some elite enemies that we can encounter in these dungeons.

Demirkan Fanatic It comes as a towering golem equipped with a gigantic axe. If these attacks are particularly powerful, the slowness of his blows makes him particularly vulnerable to excellent dodges and counterattacks.

Akashic Champion seems to offer greater opposition. He can deal devastating blows in melee with his majestic hammer. But be careful, keeping a distance isn’t necessarily the right solution as this opponent can also use magic to send energy arrows.

Finally, we discover at the end of the series lich, a particularly agile warrior, capable of terrifying slashing attacks with his scythe before teleporting away and disappearing. Based on what these gameplay snippets reveal, Final Fantasy XVI’s best book offers: quite a challengethis will cause the player to change the approach and use of Primordials’ powers.

Source : IGN

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