Prime Video should soon copy the competition by offering an advertised formula

Formulas with ads are currently popular on streaming services, and few people have yet to succumb to the temptation to offer formulas to their subscribers. While Netflix and Disney+ already have this option, Prime Video is still resisting. Admittedly, Amazon offers Freevee, a completely free, ad-supported streaming service, but it’s not available in France.

As you’d expect, that’s about to change. There is indeed debate in the Amazon offices to determine the right way to integrate a cheaper formula with advertising on the streaming platform. So there will be ads, that’s for sure. Now it remains to determine the impact on users.

Prime Video will soon launch its own formula with ads

According to the Wall Street Journal’s report, one possibility is not to actually offer a cheaper formula, but to encourage users to pay more to remove all ads on the platform. It’s a strategy that will go against the standards of the competition, but can be explained by the real price of an Amazon Prime subscription, given the many other benefits it offers.

Another interesting piece of information is that Amazon can turn to Warner Bros. as well as Paramount to add ads to their content via the Channels tab. Note that Pass Warner landed in France in April and now provides access to company-owned channels. According to sources in The Wall Street Journal, the ads served “short”. I hope we have the same definition of this word.

Source : The Wall Street Gazette

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