Epic Games Store’s next free game will surprise you; see which

Who follows updates from Epic Games Store You know that the free games section receives news frequently.

The big question that remains in the air, in this case, is: what will be the game store’s next free offer? We have the answer.

The promotion is updated weekly. Generally, every Thursday, starting at 1 pm (Brasília time), the store puts out a new free game, available to users for a period of seven days, until it is replaced by another.

This week’s news is here! According to the spoilers released by the store, it is now possible to say what this offer will be.

The chosen title should please a lot of people, as it offers just the right amount of adventure and challenges, just the way the “root gamer” likes to experience.

Epic Games Store Pick of the Week

Game store chose the game ‘Dakar Desert Rally’ – Photo: Reproduction

On February 15th, the next batch of free games from the Epic Games Store. Among them will be the game ‘Dakar Desert Rally’. You will be able to experience the feeling of being at one of the biggest races in the world.

The dispute in the desert is the biggest rally on the planet, in the game version, emotions run high. Players have access to a wide variety of vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, trucks, ATVs and SSVs.

For those who like off-road simulation or racing games, ‘Dakar Desert Rally’ is a great option.

It even allows you to compete in online multiplayer mode or browse the landscapes and nature of the location in offline player mode.

30 race stages

The game developer made a point of portraying the disputes of recent years. The game features 30 complete rally stages, corresponding to official Dakar Rally races that took place between 2020 and 2022.

Players will be able to access both the single and the multiplayer, vehicles, teams and drivers that are licensed and participate in the dispute. The idea is to ensure as much immersion as possible.

Another important element of the title is that it features changes in the weather season, with sandstorms, rain, snow and others, and day and night cycles.

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This increases the challenge even further, creating extremely hot mud tracks or dunes. Worth a try!