Wolverine’s first appearance in comics was not with the X-Men; know the history

So, you aficionado of Super heroes! Have you ever stopped to think about how it all started for our favorite wolverine, Wolverine, in the pages of Marvel comics?

If you are a true devotee of this colorful universe full of vibrant covers, you will certainly enjoy traveling back in time with us to the distant year of 1974.

Wolverine’s first appearance

Knowing when Wolverine first appeared in comics is like knowing your favorite hero’s birthday, isn’t it?

But if, by chance, this information is not yet part of your vast nerd knowledgerelax, because we’re going to tell you everything below.

Imagine it’s October 1974, a time when bell-bottoms and disco music dominated the charts.

While the world was enjoying the excitement of Saturday Night Fever, something great was about to happen in the pages of ‘The Incredible Hulk #180’, an issue that would forever mark the history of comics.

First time Wolverine appeared in comics – Image: Marvel HQ’s/Reproduction

In this edition, written by Len Wein and with art by the master Herb Trimpe, something surprising happens.

At the end, when we think the story is coming to an end, we are introduced to a mysterious character, standing on a hill, observing the conflict between the Hulk and the villain Wendigo.

Little did we know at the time that we were facing the emergence of Wolverine, the Canadian mutant with adamantium claws.

But, for readers at that time, things only got really serious in the next issue, number 181. It was there that we had the first full appearance of Wolverine.

He wasted no time and attacked the Emerald Giant, starting an epic fight that would be remembered for generations. Those sharp claws and tough attitude of the Wolverine instantly won the hearts of fans.

Of course, we cannot forget the context. Wolverine wasn’t there to have tea with the Hulk. He was sent by Department H to resolve some issues with the Canadian mutant known as the Wendigo.

However, things got a little out of control and the Hulk ended up getting into the middle of all this mess.

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A great hero

These two editions marked the beginning of a legendary trajectory for Wolverine, who became one of Marvel’s most beloved and iconic characters.

Since then, the wolverine’s claws have cut through the pages of comics, thrilling and exciting readers of all ages.

So, my friend, if you didn’t already know this hair-raising story about Wolverine’s claws, now you’re up to date with this epic moment of the marvel comics.

Here’s to more adventures, more passion and excitement in the fantastic universes we love to explore!